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2 quarts of Prickly Pear juice (yes, it smells funny!)
6-8 lemons worth of juice
6 T Low/No-Sugar Pectin
6 C sugar

Made 13 pints with one almost-full quart of leftovers for me and Don to sample.

Juice: Due to the variations in size and moisture content of the pears, it's hard to gauge how many it takes to make a quart - but I picked about 70-75 pears (in about five minutes) and got two quarts of juice.

Do not touch them with your fingers. The little fuzzy dots have fibre glass hairs in them. Stab with a fork and singe the hairs off over a flame.

I peeled them with a potato peeler...

I also got interrupted while straining the garbage out, and it got to strain for about three hours! The pulp and seeds were practically DRY when I got back. LOL!

(I pulsed them VERY quickly in the blender, because I had heard that if you break the seeds up, that the juice becomes bitter. Alternate method indicated that halving them, and boiling 10-30 minutes before mashing, is supposed to be successful.)

Can in hot water bath like strawberry jelly.





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