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Unregistered said:
What would a fair price for a healthy 5 day old calf fed colostrum? Purchased directly from farm not the auction barn.

of Jersey breed?

of Holstein breed?

of other dairy/meat cross?

Ive purchased young calves to bottle feed for as little as 2.00 and as much as 20.00 at auction..Depending on how nice looking the calf looked.
IM gonna guess if you were to go ask a diary guy he would tell you what hed want for his drop calves. Each Diary Guy may have a different price based on what he feels they are worth...Just make sure its gotten to nurse a little bit...They only get colostrum the first few hours from the mom, after that its just milk...
They rarely sell the heifers, so they may like the idea of selling the bull calves to you rather than messing with having them trucked to an auction.
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