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Yer a good woman Wanda!!!!

I was reading just as fast as I could to get down here and warn Ed about that high pressure washer. He would have blasted dirt all the way thru his bacons.

For my money, a 55 gallon oil drum with a thermometer handy is the best tool for hog handling. Get the water ready, lower the hog inside, haul him out, turn him over and drop in the other end. Then start scraping and use a pot to add hot water anywhere you think he needs it.

We had a steel stand that permitted us to put firewood under the barrell and heat the water. It was easy to build a roaring fire to get it started, then as it neared the right temp add just enough wood to get it there and keep it there. We had a tall A-frame with a block and tackle with a gambrel to raise and lower the hog. Today it would be easy to use the boom on a tractor, or a front end loader.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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