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I have a couple of surviving baby standard rex rabbits, and they look very premature to me. I have seen newly born rabbits of a mixed breed rabbit of around the same size or smaller, and their kits were a lot larger, stronger, and the skin wasn't so red and opaque. Looking at these two kits of mine, is like looking a VERY premature human baby, how the skin is red and see through. They are both small, and the others that I found dead in the cage were even smaller!

I have the 2 babies wrapped in some cloth on top of my chick brooder. There's a soft heat coming from the top of it, and it seems to be keeping their temperatures up at the moment. I have another doe that I bred that should have babies soon, and I really hope she does so I can stick these two in with her, if she is a good mother. The rabbits are first time mothers, and I hear that this is a normal occurrence for rabbits when they have never had a litter before?

If my other doe has no babies, what should I do? Has anyone had any luck here bottle feeding baby rabbits?

-What milk works the best? (I have goats milk formula, as I have 3 bottle fed goats at the moment)
-What to use for bottle?
-Do you think they will survive?
-Their skin sticks to things easily and is very thin :(

I am very sad about this, and would love to keep these babies a live.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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