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Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by socerchicjb, Jun 6, 2004.

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    my rabbit is due very soon, this would be her third litter. and i need to know how to keep the kits feed, and healthy, the last few litters the female ate some?? and im not shur what to do.
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    Mar 2, 2004
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    Make sure she has PLENTY of water at all times. If you use a tub to water her in, try to tie it to the side of the cage so that she is less likely to dump it over. Give her food and greens if you can. Supply a decent nest box and let her do the work. I have heard that if a rabbit doesn't have enough water around kindling time, she is more likely to eat her young. Don't know how true that is. Some folks will recommend that you remove the young from her and return them for the morning feeding and at night for the evening feeding otherwise, they are seperate from each other.

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    May 2, 2002
    Need more info to help you figure out why she is eating her kits.

    Some rabbits will eat their young if there is predator issues.
    Some do an over zelous job when cleaning after birth.
    Some are just crappy mothers and should be culled.

    What are you feeding?
    Did she eat the kits right adter birth or was it a couple days later?
    What is your housing? Do you have issues with rodents or other animals that can get near her?
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    Jun 8, 2004
    We have also had this happen with a very fickle doe. It was decided that she got upset because we looked at them to soon and disturbed her nesting making her nervous. Have faith though she has since given us 2 more beautiful batches of kits. Try rubbing her and the hair on her nest before messing with the babies so they won't smell different we also feed her fresh clover treats/grass when we are looking at kits to distract her.
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    Tracy, i am feeding her greens, such as cellery, lettuce, and clover. there is also an option of rabbit grain in there for her. i have a water bottle thats in use, and just recently i had 2 babys die. i now have 3 left and the are so adorable, so im willing to do just about anything to keep them. a few times we had to lure her in and have her eat over her kits so they can sukle, because they seemed to be "less active" not like they are in the first place, and smaller bellies. at one point i was worried if the mother can feed her youg too much milk., but i have to say that they are very healthy looking, and they have been getting a daily 2-3 feedings. is 3 too much? if any further due, you can email me at