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  1. Caprice Acres

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    Mar 6, 2005
    how in the world do you tell if a goat is pregnant?

    does anyone else have trouble getting an older doe pregnant for the first time?

    i had my 3 yo pygmy doe in with the buck for every heat Jan-March. each time she stood great. but she kept going into heat! :bash: i havent noticed a heat lately, but then again i havent had time to notice. when will she start showing? will her temprament change? (she's already stuck up) when should i start to feed her more? Should i take her to a vet? do i need to give her any additional shots before the baby(s) are born, other than her yearly?
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    Jul 19, 2004
    Ok, funny story.
    We have a 4 year old Sannen/Nubian. We got her a year ago. She's been bred once before. She's a stubborn goat and so far we have learned that there is nothing textbook about this doe. LOL!
    Sooo...we look and look last heat that we can tell. Finally, Sunday before Thanksgiving I think...gee, her milked production dropped..maybe?? So I take her over to my friends with the stud. She stands for him, sorta. She's not real interested. He's interested but honestly, this buck would have been interested in a rock if it had a little goat hair on it. LOL!
    So we wait, I don't see anything. I'm worried..I can't tell if she's pregnant. So I resort to taking her over to the vets office letssee..that was in late February. He examines her, bounces her and says "NOPE, definately NOT pregnant. $50 please".
    Meanwhile I'm trying since December to dry her up and she will NOT dry up! I resort to milking her a little once or so a month to relieve the pressure. In March, I take her over to the buck with another doe and she lives there until about 3 weeks ago.
    Monday night I get home from work, son goes out to get the goats ready for the night, and he comes screaming back...."UMMMMM someone had babies!"
    I said, well how can you tell (duh!)? He said "because I saw them!" (double duh!). I'm thinking, great...our other doe was bred and she just miscarried. As I get closer, I HEAR babies. And I'm thinking...wait a minute..she isn't due until July. They wouldn't be alive or making these sounds!
    You guessed it. Our Snubian delivered right on time. The vet was dead wrong.
    We NEVER knew she was pregnant. You truly could not tell. Luckily, all 3 (yes the vet missed triplets) are doing great and bottle feeding. I got two bucks and a doe. Momma is doing great also.
    So, I hope you can have a better time at guessing if she is pg or not than I did!!

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    Feb 27, 2005
    New Jersey
    Honestly, I have Nigerians, and I dont know how you could miss their pregnancies. Maybe its easier in first timers or just cause they are Nigerians or what?????WOW the udder developement, or the nipples tripling in size or, you name it but, ,,,,,,,,, I hope its this easy to tell next time around.
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    Feb 14, 2003
    Do a search on this fourm for '"pooch" pregnancy test. It works real well. :)