Praying Peppers?

Discussion in 'Gardening & Plant Propagation' started by Timedess, Jun 21, 2005.

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    I have several pepper plants this year. Not as many as tomatoes (!), but quite more than I've ever attempted to grow before. Several varieties, too.

    I have two questions. One is, "Why do my bell pepper plants (about three out of a row of seven) look like they're "praying"? Their leaves aren't curled or anything, but they're standing almost straight UP- almost like the plant is reaching up for something. Not all the peppers in this area are doing this.

    Another question is, "Can a Cayenne ever look more like an Anaheim pepper?" I purchased five Cayenne pepper plants, from two different sources. The one that I got from Bean Mountain Farm, which is well-known in our area and I trust their labelling, has lots of peppers on it that LOOK like cayenne peppers- long and slim and only slightly curving (at this point). They're not red yet, but that will come.

    The other four plants, which I got from a "grocery store plant stand", SAID something like "Cayenne- Big Jim" on the markers. It was a 4-pack. But the whole plant looks slightly different from the "known" Cayenne, and the peppers are beginning to look suspiciously like Anaheim peppers! I have an Anaheim out in the front bed, which is much larger than the ones in the back, and it has no fruit of any real size yet (that I can see). I can't tell if it looks "just like" the ones int he back or not- but their fruit sure looks like Anaheims!Dh says the marker could easily have gotten misplaced, which I agree with.

    Now, don't get me wrong- I would use many more Anaheims than I would Cayennes, anyway, so this would not be a BAD thing. But what I'm concerned about is chopping up a WHOLE what I THINK is an Anaheim to toss into a pot of something yummy (or two, or three), and it ends up they really were Cayennes, just huge, curled, and thick!

    So- Is there a type of Cayenne that CAN look like an Anaheim??? Should I treat these as Anaheims, or as Cayennes? Or, are ALL Cayennes slim like the ones on the known bush?
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    May 10, 2002
    If your peppers are too close together they can cross, which would make one pepper look like another, and others taste like others...really sucks when you have bells that are flavored like jalapeno - been there, done that.

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    Ew, yeah, that doesn't sound too good. No, I don't think they're crossing to cause this. I think they're just different peppers! Goes to show how easy it is to get mixed up in places like that, that don't specialize in the plants. Next year, I'm sticking with Bean Mountain Farm!