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    Hi everyone-

    I recently read that there will be a drill in November in order to simulate what would happen if large portions of the power grid went out. Apparently there was something similar in November of 2011. Can't help but feel a little uneasy seeing as how other times "drills" were happening, real ---- went down! (9/11, boston bombings)

    What do you all think? Anyone else hear of this? It's called Grid ex II from what I understand...

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    I've been reading about Grid Ex II for a couple of months now. I suppose it's a good idea, but from what I have read there will be no power outages at all during the drill. Of course, I understand why. However, it seems to me that is kind of like practising Grid Down in your own home (which many preppers, myself included, do) while leaving the lights on and just saying "pretend we're in darkness". Sure, you can learn some things, but a real grid down situation is going to be different because there's a lot of mental security in knowing that it isn't real. None the less, hopefully something will be learned from Grid Ex II (which simply means Grid Exercise 2) but personally I think they should have learned plenty from the natural disasters in recent years.

    I also have to admit that I personally believe a grid failure is the most likely "doomsday" scenario I might encounter in my lifetime. Heck, if an enemy launched a cyber attack that disrupted or brought down America's power grid, that enemy wouldn't have to worry about further attacks because America would pretty much destroy itself.

    By the way, the National Geographic channel has a special coming up on either the 25 or 27 of thus month called "American Blackout".
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    Yup . .The 'training exercise' Boston bombing was a great example of how to hurt a bunch of innocent people.

    If it is a goobermint planned / staged event be very very leery of it.

    To the op; this same event was discussed on another thread.
    I don't know how to link to it
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    AEP did an emergency grid shut-down test here Friday. They has a machine call me 2 minutes after our lights came back on. (we were without electricity for 1/2 hour)
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