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Potbellied pigs.

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Anyone on here raise potbellied pigs or could help me with training a young pig to walk on a harness and leash. Everytime i get it on ad put a lil pressure she screams bloody murder and tries running away from me. But the second i take it off she seems back to normal which is a nice loveable lil pig.
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Well... I was reading up on swine breeds the other day and stumbled upon this:

"Most people who purchase these pigs want them as pets, but these pigs do not necessarily stay small, cute, or cuddly. As stated above, their average weight is close to 100 lb., and they do not like to be picked up or held. Unlike cats and dogs, pigs are prey not predators, so being lifted up or restrained causes them extreme alarm. "
Once you earn a critters trust, they'll do just about anything for you.

Sit on the ground, gently pet the pig. Little by little you can win them over. If you don't have the patience to take things slow, you won't succeed.

All pigs love belly rubs whether PBP or farm hogs.
I have had one potbellied pig for about 7 years, and she follows me a lot and will eat out of my hand, but she will not eat anything from my husband or son, if they even come near her she screams, even though they have been feeding her for years, so if i were you I would have all of them or you pet and talk to her a lot. They say these pigs are smarter than dogs, and some have them in the house. Ours lives out in the barn and has cat and chicken friends and now some goat friends. She hates any person who even gets near her except me . I would think if you keep doing it she/he will get used to it and learn, she will stop screaming eventually, ours used to do that and doesnt as much now.
pb pigs scream. period. it sounds a lot worse than it really is.

i've got one that complains if someone walks by her.

as ed norman said, they are not sweet cuddly pets. espcially when mature. the intact males can be very mean and aggressive, to the point of attadcing children if they have food in their hand. 100# is one of the small ones. i've had 2 and they both weighed about 150 when mature.
Have to agree with Ed Norman and marvella. Personally I think it is silly to TRY and make pets out of food.
I fashioned a harness, put it on a farm hog, and took him for a walk just to see if it could be done. No problem. He was still delicious!
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