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I'm getting to the point I don't believe much in Countryside anymore. :rolleyes:

This last issue pretty much did it for me, there's a 'cleaning tip' with a recipe for bleach and Dawn mixed together. 8O Right on the Dawn bottle it says never mix with bleach. The fumes are really bad from that combo-for asthmatics I think it could be deadly! Don't they check what they print?? I sure miss the old Countryside when there were more than write in, submitted articles. Now anyone can submit and many times the information is really inaccurate. I've written and even called on a couple things and they do put a correction in the next issue but gee that's two months for someone to really screw up their livestock or themselves!
Sorry for the rant, it just seems they should at least check some of those articles out before printing them. New people to the country don't know enough to even question these things yet and they are the ones who would try these suggestions & get in trouble.

I've been a Countryside subscriber since 1983 and this is the first time I've ever considered not renewing. :(
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