Possible Rabid Fox Attacks In N.h.?

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    Mar 18, 2005
    Dwelling in the state of Confusion -
    N.H. Boy, Mother Attacked by Fox in Yard

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    FITZWILLIAM, N.H. - A 9-year-old boy said a fox attacked him when he hopped out of a tree in his front yard.

    "When I hopped down, I felt something jerk my arm," said Colby Ells. "I turned around and there was a fox jerking my arm. I started to scream."

    Colby's mother, Michelle, heard the screams and came running outside.

    She was pulling away the fox's mouth when it let go of Colby and latched onto her finger.

    A neighbor heard the scuffle and came to help. He wrestled the fox away and was still holding it down when police arrived.

    Without their intervention, he could have been pulled off into the bushes, Colby said of Tuesday's attack.

    Colby and his mother had their first round of rabies shots hours after the attack. The fox has been sent away for testing. If it turns out the animal was rabid, the two will have to complete entire sets of rabies shots

    I'd be willing to bet money on this one (if I was a betting man), that the fox will be found to have rabies......it just isn't "normal" fox behavior to attack humans. :nono: Seems to be an increase in reported "attacks" across the country and rabies being seen in the animals responsible. Does anyone here, have any reports in their neck of the woods?
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    Jan 22, 2006
    Skunk with rabies up the street from a month ago. I am in Maine.

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    Lets hope it wasn't rabid,
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    Nov 26, 2005
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    I'm worried about the dogs tangling with something they shouldn't. :(
  5. Cindy in PA

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    May 13, 2002
    We are overrun with foxes this year, but so far only rabid cats on the news. That being said, what kind of a fox could drag a 9 yo into the bushes?? Kid must be very small or fox extra large.
  6. Trapper

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    Jun 1, 2006
    really good reasons for controlling wildlife.....really hope its found to be distemper rather than rabies. Trapper
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    Apr 4, 2005
    You won't get a full report from the fish & game on this one. Here there have been numerous cases of wildlife found with Rabies but nothing is being said about it. One man was on his tractor with a bucket on the front going to move manure. A Raccoon came out and attacked the tractor! He quickly lowered the bucket over the Raccoon, left the tractor and called the game warden's office. They refused to come out, said it was likely rabid and for him to deal with it himself. He left it there until his wife came home then made her raise the bucket so he could shoot it.

    A neighbor heard a terrible fight going on in the stream next to his house. He called the game warden who refused to do anything. He shot them, demanded they be tested~both were rabid.

    We were driving down the road in the afternoon when a Raccoon came out of the bushes and began chasing our car like a dog would. He was attacking the tires. DH sped up leaving him still running after us.

    DH was chased by a Raccoon into the house at 1 pm. We shot and killed it, definately something wrong with that one.

    I could go on and on with this but none of these events ever made the papers. The only ones that are being picked up by the media are the ones that are more sensational and interesting. Like the rabid Woodchuck that was chasing dogs.
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    The coons around here are getting something that looks like distemper in dogs.One attacked my moms dogs threw the fence one day.They shot and killed it as it was acting so weird.And because it bit the dogs.She had to curse at the fish and game officer on the phone to get them to come get him and test him.She even had to call them several times to find out it wasn't rabid.They didn't even test for anything else. :rolleyes:
    About a week later another showed up acting the same way.He actually followed the beam of a flash light on the ground right into a cage my mom sat on the ground.She kept him for three days hoping he would get better but he died.
    For this reason I'm not buying hunting and fishing licensees any more.When they decide to start doing there job ill start buying them again.Until then they can kiss my back side.Seems all they spend our money on any more is stocking trout and turkey.I hate trout! Besides id think if there haven't been any here in so many years,seems something else might have filled the niche.So whats every thing going to eat? Its all about the money lately.Now they can sell a trout stamp to fish for them. :rolleyes:
    And encase they haven't noticed we have plenty of turkey now to.I dont see how anyone could go turkey hunting and not get one.You can hardly find a field that doesn't have at least ten standing in it in the late afternoon.Ive seen over a hundred in one field on several occasions.Yet there still stocking them! :grump:
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    Sep 26, 2005
    too bad about the rabies and stuff. i have killed a few animals in my day that acted strangely. the outbreaks do seem to be covered up at times. i think they just don't want the bad P.R.

    i wish i could hunt fall turkey instead of just spring gobler. i live in WMA 5A in pa. fall turkey hunting has not been an option for several years now. it really stinks when you see them in your back yard and cannot hunt them. the powers that be claim a disease was present and killing them off. i think it the over-population of foxes and coyotes in the area that is killing them off. my stead' is over-run with red foxes this year. they are killing everyones chickens and attacking pets in my neighborhood. so far the tally is at least three pet attacks, one serious, and @ 50 dead chickens from three different flocks. the foxes got 6 or 8 chickens from my sister's flock in broad daylight about a month or so ago.
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    May 14, 2005
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    Sounds like typical rabid fox behavior, if there can be said to be such a thing. Fortunately if the exposed people get the rabies treatment correctly administered and in a timely manner, they are virtually 100% assured of being just fine.

    Isn't PUBLIC HEALTH a wonderful thing? I can't think of a better use of our tax money than to ensure that nobody has to die a hideous death due to rabid wildlife.

    It sure will be a shame to lose it when the Republicans complete their plan.
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    Jul 27, 2006
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    Usually it is the public health department who tracks the statistics on rabid animals, not fish and game. Have you guys tried calling your county public health office to ask them what the situation is in your area?

    A rabid--raccoon or skunk, I forget--was found in my town 4 years ago. Nothing since then, but the HD said that could just mean that any rabid animals were not encountered by people. They said that in my area you have to be careful.

    In contrast my parents live across the county. A racoon came into their house to eat catfood. There hasn't been a rabid animal in their area of the county for 15 years and the behavior wasn't aggressive (it fled the minute it saw them) and it was eating (rabid animals don't like to swallow), so they said not to worry about it. They had left the screen door ajar that night.