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pond problems

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i have a pond that becomes almost stagnet at this time of year. It is in a low area of the farm and get little to no wind could this be the problem? Thanks for your help and ideas. Also how do you fill in a sink hole ?
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You don't need water going in and out. If it is a very low area, it could just be 'ground water'. However, water bodies of this nature may become anaerobic (truly stagnant, with orangey coloured growths) in the summer due to increased bacterial action as the temperature rises (bacteria using oxygen faster than it can diffuse in from the air), and in winter if they freeze over for long enough for the reduced bacterial action to use up all of the oxygen under the ice.

An decent aerator of any kind (fountain, underwater airstone, etc.) will solve the problem.

Filling it in would not be beneficial, in my opinion. Many animals depend on water sources such as this, for drinking water and for breeding purposes (such as frogs and salamanders).

Jeff Hathaway
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