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Poly tape/wire, posts and spool suggestions

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We have a pasture that has excellent external woven wire fences with a strand of hotwire run on the inside all the way around and we keep the fence line clean and trimmed. The charger is inside the shop and has always done an excellent job of keeping everything hot (I'm not sure but I think it's a low impedance Parmak but I need to check the numbers). We have the inside divided with single strand hotwire into paddocks and our cows are trained very well to it, so well that it probably doesn't even need to be hot. My question is can I use some kind of poly tape or wire to further divide the paddocks into strips? Can I attach it to the existing hot wire and if so how does that work (I'm only schooled on the wire attachments, insulators, etc). I know we need step in posts and a spool of some sort to roll out a new strip daily. Does anybody have recommendations on brands to buy and/or tips and tricks to making the daily move fairly easy.
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I have been using the Gallager 6 conductor poly twine. I use the pigtail step in posts, use kencove yellow insulated hooks and insulted alligator clips. I hook one insulator end to the perimeter fence, then walk to the interior single strand hot fence. I then tie off the end with a second insulator. I then walk back and place a pigtail post every 20 paces. Finally, I connect one end of the line to a hot line with the alligator jumper. That way I don't have to shut off the fence and I don't get shocked.
For the spool use one of those garden hose windup thinges...Or an electrical cord windup thinges...Topside
I just installed some of the wire on my pasture. I used Pasture pride that they sell at TS and the gray step in poles. Seems really good. I wound the wire around the existing high tinsle about 20 times and then wraped the wire around each pole to keep them tight. I did not want to use the tape because I am up on a hill and its always windy. When I tested the hot it was maxing out the meter. I use a zebara low impedence. Oh, I also picked up a $5.00 power cord reel for when I want to move it all.
Lowes has the pigtail step in post from the internet and delivered to the store for $1.78 each. They have extension cord reels for $6.66 in the store. Buy good polywire with at least 6 stainless steel wires in the poly at a farm store/fence supply. Tie the loose end of the poly to the hot fence wire and hang the cord reel to the other location. You should be good to go.
I got my pigtail posts from Lowes (special order item) and they are the best price I've found for the metal ones.

And I use the 9 strand braid from Powerflex. I wrap the braid on the high tensile on one side of a line post and tie it with a slip knot and then wrap again on the other side of the line post (to keep it from pulling loose). Then I carry the reel of braid (a plain $6 electrical cord reel from Lowes) and my pigtail posts across the paddock dropping in the pigtails as needed, heading toward another line post. When I get to the other side, I wrap a few loops on each side of the line post and then drop the reel over the top of the post with the turning handle hooked on the HT wire so it won't loosen.

Agman and I were typing at the same time apparently. I'm using his method. ;)

Try pulling the loose end with the reel over the fence post with the knob up. Carry the pigtail post with you to the far side. Tie the loose end and now return to the reel side. The poly should be lying on the ground in a straight line. With the supply of posts in the left hand have a single post in the right hand. Without bending over reach down with the curleyque toward the poly and snag the poly and raise the poly up with the post and use your foot to set the post. Step off 10 to 12 paces and repeat. When back at the reel, tighten the poly and wrap same and place reel over post with knob down. Return to the house.
We use poly rope , and grey plastic post with insulators, then use a small amount of hot wire to attach it to the rope. > Thanks Marc
Thank you all. I have an order in for the posts and the polywire and now have everything else on hand. Now to work on adjusting our rotational paddocks to strip grazing to hopefully get a little more performance out of our pastures..:clap:
I use the orange cheap winders like most on here, but I use the white step in posts, the grey ones I find the wire too hard to get off the post. I also have a gate handle on the end of my wire that I just hook to the high tensile one end. I leave my orange roll hooked to a spare step in post, no tieing to fences and notting it up?
Does anyone have a preference on the color of the polywire they use?

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