Poisonous/not so good things for goats

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  1. Lets all put our heads together and come up with some things...and links for poisonous/not so good things for goats to eat.

    Everyone says that rhubarb is poisonous but by accident my girls ate a bunch of it last Spring...no oxalic poisoning...they were fine and all they ate was the leaves!

    We have bought property with alot of black cherry trees on it in one acre area....should I keep the girls away from them?

    What of pine and abortion....? Mine love pine fir etc in the winter. One miscarry last year from very young doe I suspect was butted by herdqueen.
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    Jul 8, 2002
    Good question! I found a web site awhile back that listed plants to avoid. It was a BIG list! My problem is, I don't know the technical names of many of them, will need to get a book to check before letting mine out on the acre pasture.
    If I find the list, I'll post it.

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  4. I can tell you That Foxglove, Buttercups, Snapdragons, and Rhoderdendrons are poisonous for goats.