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plumbing help?

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I want to take out the faucet/spout in the kitchen and use a cistern pump for the spout. I want to be able to use the pump as a pump when the power is off and otherwise use faucets for hot and cold and have hot and cold lines but have the water come thru the pump from the cistern.

Possible? Not possible? Why or why not and if yes then how?
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If I am understanding what you want to do correctly there is no reason that you couldn't have all water to the sink come through the pump spout. You would need to tee in below the spout for the conventional flow---coming from one pipe already teed together with hot and cold. Valves would still be needed to control the ratio of hot to cold.

The hard part, without knowing exactly how the pump works, would be to cut out a section of pipe for the tee and get it precisely the correct length it was before. You might also be able to add to the pump rod instead of cutting the pipe that has the tee installed.

I am assuming that the suction part of the pump is at the bottom of the cistern, otherwise I doubt it could be done easily.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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