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please explain show meat pens

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I am going to 2 rabbit shoiws (fairs with 4-h rabbits). What are the meat pens about?
Where do the rabbits come from? Do the 4-h's breed them or buy them to raise?
If there was a trio in the meat pen of a buck and 2 does would they be worthy of becoming a breeding trio? Are they usually pedigreed? Are they always pure bred?
Do they auction them off or can you offer to buy them?
Any thing else you can tell me would be appreciated. Is a fair even a good place to look for rabbits. Or at least make contacts to buy rabbits.

I found a web site that explained that they have to butcher the meat pen rabbits. So I guess you cannt buy them for breeding.
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I read that a meat pen is where you have 4-6 rabbits the same age and they all have to weigh the same (within oz) and be the same size. The rabbits are judge on condition weight ect. Is this correct?
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