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please explain registration after purchase

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I bought a nzw buck at the show 2-3 weeks ago. The person we bought him from gave us his pedigree and some ribbons he had won. She told us she would send, or have sent to us some registration papers.
Does she send them to us or am I waiting for some thing from the ARBA.
If I am waiting for some thing in the mail from her I feel like it's been long enough to get them and I should call her to find out what is going on. If I am waiting for something from ARBA then I realize it might take longer to get it.
Either way I am presuming I'll need to send in the registration to change it to my name.
Do I have to be a member of ARBA to keep my buck registered in my name?

I've had registerable pet dogs, but I've never kept up their papers, But I may opt to keep the rabbits papers up if I am able to find a good registerable doe to breed him to.
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The rabbit also must be six months of age.and its possible too have a rabbit win shows then cannot be registered.if it gains too much weight or loses a toenail.I bought some registered rabbits once thinking they would be high quality.they were the lowest quality rabbits i ever bought.joining ARBA is worth it you get a great magazine and a very good book on raising rabbits.bluebird
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