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Please take uncle Will's advice. My sister was low on B vitamins and got colon cancer. The doctors got all of the colon cancer out but because she didn't go to the doctor soon enough the cancer metastasized (spread) and within two years she was gone from cancer in her liver. This was a real waste of a 41 year old beautiful human being that had everything to live for. :waa:

I had this procedure done about three years ago and am really glad I did. I had a polyp in my lower colon that would surely have turned cancerous. I watched the entire procedure including the doctor burning the polyp off. I asked the doctor what causes polyps and he told me if he knew the answer he'd have a medal.

Seeing as how I'm also low on B vitamins, and according to my doctor not anemic, I'll not be missing my next appointment for the up the poop shoot camera session. :no:
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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