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Another couple of possibilities, in addition to the celiac and other cuases mentioned, could be (this is my soapbox, please excuse) aspartame poisoning if you drink diet pop or use Nutrasweet or eat foods with Nutrasweet/aspartame in them. I was like you, tired all the time and getting worse, went to a couple of local family practitioners who said it was just my age (early 50's) and the fact that I taught school (well, junior highers are a challenge). Then went to a holistic doctor, wonderful woman, but she tested for food allergies and didn't find much there. Then was referred to an internist, who did find out that I had had mononucleosis recently, which made me glad to know it, but mad that I hadn't known when I was so tired I could barely drag myself through the day - I would've called in sick at least once if I'd known the Tiredness had a name!! But it just kept getting worse, hemoglobin and iron were low, etc. This forum saved my life, not the doctors, because of a post that alerted me to the dangers of aspartame, a very legal and very dangerous poison that is in a lot of food, specifically diet sodas and in a lot of "sugar-free" foods. If you get rid of the aspartame, (this may not apply to you, but others may need to know) the symptoms go away. In this country, there is an epidemic of "MS" and "lupus" but much of it is directly correlated to the ingestion of aspartame, a neurotoxin.
For more information, see following websites or do a search for Aspartame Dangers: or
To make it simple: ingesting aspartame is the same as going down to the funeral home and asking them to pour you a Big Gulp of formaldehyde, and then pour in wood alcohol, so you can drink it. That is what it turns into in your body - no wonder a lot of people are so sick, and getting worse. :no: I hope you find your answers, keep trying to find information and many people here are giving good advice. Will pray for your recovery and hope it is soon.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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