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chickflick said:
Okay.. not being one totally trusting of the Medical INDUSTRY.. :)..... I have had trouble several months with anemia. Iron is very low and absorbtion is not happening.. They've done all the basic tests... gut and colon are fine . SO... while we search for more answers....

I am scheduled Thursday for Iron Therapy.... 56 CC's diluted in an IV bag over a 4 hour period or so. (If I pass the 'test' amount and show no reaction). any of you got experience with this? Thanks.
pernicious anemia can be treated !!, this happens all the time in my medical community ( post op gastric bypass)
some have to resort to blood transfusions to maintain iron ,
assuming you were on a high enough dosage of prescription meds** For EX: i take 325 mg , 1x daily, but i know others who take same dosage 3X day .....***
have you had the h pylori test? h pylori causes ulcers, and sometimes even in non ulcer patients can cause persistent anemia
have they ruled out fibroids? ectopic preganancy ?

theres help out there

someone reccomended using cast iron to cook with , good idea, do you supplement with fish oil? , its a good idea to get that , so your body can better utilize the iron you do take
are you taking calcium ??vitamin e or antacids????
you know to take calcium at least and hour before or after iron ? right? making sur you take vitamin c with your iron ? c helps your body uptake the iron
you dont drink colas, sodas or coffee , or have at least cut back right ? they interefere with iron absorbtion as well....
herb wise, chives and dandelions are good for anemia as welll as alfalfa and red raspberry
food wise,
salmon,mackerel,black eyed peas,kelp,purple grapes,rasins
sweeten foods with molasses instead of sugar, you might find you crave that flavor now, and will dislike it as your iron increases

avoid oxalic acid foods, kale, nuts,swiss chard, chocolate
make sure to take a seperate vitamin b complex supplement , b 12,and folic acid help with iron absorbtion ( GNC has a good liquid supplement that tastes ok, the pills arent as bio available)

good luck , i know its scary, but you can get through this !!!!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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