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My husband built a frame building out of square tubing that was going to be the shed for our chicken house. We went a different route. Now I have a small frame in my yard. I have always wanted a greenhouse and thought about putting plastic on the frame for one that was mobile. Anyone have any thoughts on the corrugated plastic compared to the plastic on a roll? We are on a budget around here. Thanks.

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Heavy visquine is perfect.
replace once every year or two.

Corragated plastic roof panles, I used the clear blue ones, for the roof work great. Be sure to get the wood spacers as they seal against wind and provide a mounting surface for the panels.

I built in a framed square hole about the size of a fan. mounted the fan on the inside and hinged a piece of plywood on the outside. to hot? opened the vent and turned one the fan. easy.

insulated plastic???
seems a waste of good yuppy material.


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Depending on the size, you might do what the commercial
greenhouse people do and use real greenhouse plastic, double
layered with a small "inflation" fan that blows air between
the layers. The plastic will last 4 or more years..mine lasted
about 6.
Roll the edges of the plastic on lathing strips and then attach
to any wooden side piece with double headed nails that make
them easier to remove when the time comes.
Good luck.
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