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Pix of dome progress for those who are interested

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I know a couple folks expressed an ongoing interest. Don't wish to bore the rest of you. :D

Rebar stickers in the insulation:

still life with cherrypicker and stickers

More of the same:


Dave doing the first layer of shotcrete to anchor them in:


Chris putting up rebar, Pat menacing him with a shadow-monster:


It kind of looks like primitive art. If I put this on a canvas, think I could make some money? :) :


Some of the electric:


And for the ceiling fans. Our electrician is a good guy. Showed up on time and didn't make the builder wait around for him or cost us extra:

future site of ceiling fan

You don't want it too humid when they're trying to foam, but it doesn't hurt the concrete curing:

storm closing in

We've ended up with waste concrete here and there. We've had it dumped over the bridge to bolster it. It's not smooth, but I suppose some of the heavy trucks will break it down a little:

creek's up

If things go well for our guy Dave next week, he should be able to get the shotcrete completed!
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Very cool photos. Some look positively sci fi. Thanks for posting them :)
Nice photo's. Please keep posting them as you make more progress.
Thanx for the pics. It brings back memories of when my brother and some of his friends built a dome home in the 70's. Please keep us updated on the progress.
Thanks, folks, will do!
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