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    Apr 28, 2004
    Howdy ya'll. I have been offered a piglet for free from a family member. I did raise 2 hogs a few years back for slaughter and swore I would never do it again!...well i'm considering 1 more try. I have a pen made out of 4 foot high cyclone fencing with one end tarped off and the flooring is made of cement stepping blocks.......the area is about 10x10....is this big enough?.....I also heard that hogs cant eat raw veggies right before slaughter...is this also true?.....any advice would helo since my son is off to school and I have no real idea what I will be getting into on my own....should I try again?...thanks dale anne

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    I am Not sure "why you would never do that again" as pigs are so easy to care for.

    10 X 10 is a mite small in my opinion. You can head to the farm store and grab 4 hog panels to make a 16 x 16 pen. I also would try to get 2 piglets if you can as they are social and like a friend. Dirt floor pen is way better than a block floor. Pigs can make a great garden area for you by penning over areas where you want to grow.

    No food at all the day before slaughter.

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    I would also get another pig to raise as they are social animals and are much happier with a partner.

    We raise 5 each year and really look forward to gettin them and watching them grow. Of course we play with them and they respond real well to attention.

    We have never had a "break out" but I understand that if they do get out just wait until evening and they will usually return to eat.

    Good luck and enjoy.
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    It is just as easy to raise two or four as to raise one and they are happier with company. But, if all you're offered is one then that will do. :)

    I find pigs super easy. I prefer them to our sheep if I had to pick one over the other. We raise ours on pasture which is very easy.

    What was it that you found so hard that you never wanted to do it again?


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