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Discussion in 'Pigs' started by moomaine, Apr 24, 2005.

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    May 10, 2002
    Hi, I bought two 8 week old piglets about 2 weeks ago. All was fine for a while. The one male belted piglet seemed to have stopped eating and is in miserable shape, only wanting to sleep. They have for food, pig grain, whole corn and raw milk. The sow piglet is doing great, but he is not, he will go and look at the milk, and grain but will not eat. He does drink water however. He is getting skinnier by the day and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. Thanks in advance. Cara Lewis
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    Feb 9, 2005
    Any chance he may have swallowed a foreign object? Sounds like he may have a blockage somewhere in his intestinal tract. No diarrhea, vomiting? I would start supplimenting the water with gatorade, try and boost his sugars and electrolytes. Younger pigs you especially have to watch with sugar problems, sounding like he's already low with sleeping alot. There's lot's of possibilities here. When was his last meal, bowel movement, how did the stool look or smell, urine frequency and color? If you have a stethescope I would have a listen to his gut and see if there's anything moving or grummbling. Check for any distension in the middle and lower abdomin, or any hard masses. Keep in touch let me know if you find any of these things. I'll be online for a while PM me if you want :)

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    May 22, 2003
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    Any outward symptoms other than he wants to sleep ? coughing, wheezing, hacking, scratching/rubbing its butt on ground, bowed in the back, coarse hair, temperature, blood in stool, etc. Was the pig wormed by you or the previous owner? What did the pig weigh when you got him at 8 weeks? Have you given the pig any medicine?