piglet holding his head crooked

Discussion in 'Pigs' started by farmy, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. farmy

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    Jan 23, 2003
    I just brought home three ten week old piglets. Two are fine, if on the small side, but the third holds its head slightly crooked, and yesterday I saw him sit down suddenly as though he had lost its balance; he stayed like that for a few seconds, sort of twitching, and then got up as though nothing had happened and started eating normally. The people who sold these piglets to me said he's been crooked like that since he was born. (They actually sold me the two and gave me this one for free so he wouldn't be alone.) Otherwise, he seems healthy and not in pain. He eats and drinks well and he's much bigger than the other two.

    Any ideas what's wrong with him? Anything I can do to help him?

  2. New here, but hubby was a hog manager for several years and we have a small homestead now. DH says if eating well, etc. shouldn't be a problem unless you are planning to show him at fairs, etc. Since his size is bigger than others, if he was same litter, he could have been squished in utero. None of this should affect his meat for butchering. Might not want to use him for breeding just in case it is a trait that could pass on. Just our thoughts, hope it helps.

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    Nov 27, 2003
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    I gave a runt away one year to a friend and after a few weeks he developed a crooked neck. Now this could be a symptom of different diseases, but this pig was fed out to 200 pounds or so and never sick otherwise and they butchered him. He just always looked dizzy.