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People Misrepresenting their babies!

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I am so frusterated with some of the people I have been looking at to buy rabbits from! I swear, I read about rabbits that are a certain age, when clearly they are not!

One person is advertising 2 week old bunnies, that you can pick them up at 8 weeks...but when I contacted him, the bunnies would be ready in a week and a half? And looking at them, you KNOW they are at least four weeks. Maybe 5.

I mean, a resonably inteligent person can figure out that hese people are lying, and then decide whether or not to buy from them, but the thing that really frusterates me is why would they feel like they had to lie in order to sell their bunnies? People around me get an exhorbant price for rabbits (where I grew up, a show rabbit was 15-20, here a MIX is 15, a purebred, pet quality can be 50) Add a pedigree and you are tacking on another 25. So why do people feel the need to advertise their babies as so young?

Honestly, I'd be more likely to buy an older rabbit, and how do you know what else they may be lying about?!

Sorry, it's been frusterating me to no end.
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This may not always be the case, but sometimes you have to keep an open mind: Sometimes, the ads are old. If they put the age of the bunnies as 2 weeks, and several weeks go by before you see and reply to the ad, they won't be 2 weeks anymore. Many advertise bunnies at that age so that they can have them ready for new homes as soon as they are weaned, instead of racing around to get them homes at the last minute.

This is why many people only buy from reputable breeders. Because, they are just that, reputable. You always take a chance when buying from an ad, or someone you don't know (know about).
or the ad taker gets it wrong and instead of "ready in two weeks" it becomes "two weeks old"
yeah, there may be mistakes and special cases. these are people who posted the same day i responded. I know, i can choose to not buy from them, it just makes me mad. if it's intentional deciet, i don't see the point.
Most of these people are just backyard breeders who don't have a clue what breed their rabbits are. If you want purebreds, I wouldn't buy off CL unless they look purebred and have a 3 to 4 generation pedigree. I do advertise on CL, but I update the ads everytime. If the last post was when the babies were 6 weeks old (When I take reservations) then the next time I post, I'll say 7 weeks, or 8 weeks. Or I'll at least ad the birthday and the day their available.

What gets me is advertising that you have purebreds when you clearly do NOT, and yet one can get away with it, and there aren't even papers. :/ And on top of that, these mutts go for outrageous prices while I'm over here with purebred, pedigreed rabbits, several legs and good wins behind them, etc. and my stock is WAYY cheaper than that mutt, yet you choose to buy that "purebred" which really is a Heinz 57... That's what irks me.

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I put mine on CL and I don't update more thn once a month, unless I make a really big sell.
Not trying to be dishonest, just really busy.
Yeah, I understand someone putting up an ad and not updating it every week...I am talking about people who posted THE SAME DAY I'm looking. Or lying about the breed. I went to buy a rabbit and he was listed as a New Zealand, when he was actually a mutt. And I still bought him, I didn't have a problem with that, I have the problem with people lying/ommitting info in the first place
I can see how a dishonest person might misrepresent their rabbits to make a profit. I don't condone it but I see their motivation. What really gets me is when people lie for no reason. I recently bought a couple of "New Zealand White" kits at auction. Rabbits always sell for a few dollars each at this auction as we have a LOT of restaurants and ethnic communities which buy them up. They would have sold just as easily if their box was marked "one-eyed, ugly rabbits with poopy butt". When I won the bid I figured at $6 each I wouldn't really lose anything if they turned out to be mutts. They looked healthy, young, dry in all the right places and their little box was clean. I have been looking for NZ for a long time since there are no breeders near me. They looked like other NZ kits I've seen pics of. They have all the traits I was expecting. Then 2 weeks ago both of them dropped an ear. A couple of days later one of them has both ears fully down and one is a half-lop. Their growth is very good and they're healthy. Why lie about them?
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I wonder how many of those people aren't intentionally lying but simply clueless about what they have. They get rabbits from somewhere (pet store, friend, CL, etc.) and the seller doesn't know, so they look it up in a book and say, "Well, my rabbit looks like this picture, so that must be what it is." They never consider that they themselves may have mutts, or that the type of ear might mean it's a different breed from the picture they saw.
They looked like other NZ kits I've seen pics of. They have all the traits I was expecting. Then 2 weeks ago both of them dropped an ear. A couple of days later one of them has both ears fully down and one is a half-lop. Their growth is very good and they're healthy. Why lie about them?
I thought a lop's ears dropped even before they were weaned? I know that a fast growing rabbit will sometimes have droopy ears. It seems like their ears grow faster than the cartilage structure that holds them up. They start to flop at the ends. That might not be what is happening for you, but it is something I've seen.

For the OP, I know a few people who just copy and paste their previous craigslist ad when it is set to expire and repost it without any editing. For me, it takes an awful lot of time and effort to get photos taken and my rabbits posted. I'm lucky I find the time to post them at all. I will update the information in my ads, but lots of people don't. I don't tend to assume they are doing it to be deceitful. They probably just have better ways to spend their time than writing out a brand-new ad every week for a few rabbits they might or might not sell. If the misrepresentation bothers you a lot, maybe not buying the rabbits in question and telling the seller why would be your best option.

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The entire ear points downward from the base on these 2 kits. I'm still happy with them I just prefer my rabbits with erect ears.
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