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  1. Al. Countryboy

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    Oct 2, 2004
    I have an old pear tree that is probably at least seventy years old. We pruned it acouple of years ago and it is just loaded with pears this year. It had about a fifty five gallon drum full of pears. We canned and froze a punch. I saved some seeds to plant, but read that this would probably not be a good idea, that pears where unpredictable. It said that it was better to graft limbs on to another root stock. Was wondering when was the best time to give this a try? I would hate to lose this type of pear. The tree is hollow inside and had vines growing out of the top of it so I know that its years are numbered and doubt if you would be able to find another. I have four other pear trees that are about five years old and continue to get the blight and have limbs to die. I am thinking of cutting them down. Is there something I can get to spray them with? Nothing seems to bother this old tree. :)
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    Dec 9, 2002
    If you are talking about fireblight on pears the only thing that might help is to cut out the bad parts, make sure to dip pruner in bleach water solution between cuts. I think grafting would work better in early spring as sap starts.

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    Jun 7, 2004
    I have took pear limbs about 3 -4 foot long sort of young or this years grouth and just stuck them down in the sirt and they root. You might try that in several places worked for me on aisian and soft pear cuttings. MaryW
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    Oct 24, 2004
    good ideas, all
    grafting is one way but give the seeds a try too. IU doubt that if the tree is that old that anyone would know the cultivar but take a pear to your co-operative extension office and they might know what kind it is.
    fireblight is very serious problem on pears. rubbing alcohol is good to disinfect pruners too.
    after each cut.
    it is a bacterial disease that is spread from plant to plant mainly by bees via the flowers....or pruners.some types are less suseptible than others. one thing to spray with for bugs ai dormant oil in the spring before the flowers appear or in the fall. this will kill any overwintering eggs or insects hiding in the bark.try bringing a cutting in from your pear in the spring to force blooms indoors and you will find that the cuttings will be crawling with aphids and such once they flower. that is prevented by spraying with dormant oil. It isn't a just smothers them and acts like fly paper too. there is gonna be a test on this so you better study. no really I just made all that really.