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Discussion in 'Pigs' started by midkiffsjoy, Dec 17, 2006.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Okay...we just got home from what turned out to be an 11 hour round trip (boy does my butt hurt) with our first pbp, a sow. She was someones pet two owners ago and shes GROSSLY overweight, her hooves/nails are INSANLY overgrown and HATES to be touched (and people want me to consider these animals pets.....WHAT kind of pet owner does this?) According to the sweet lady who I got her from she was in this condition when they got her and they wanted to help her but they had no pasture (really, their place is pure sand) and they were afraid to trim her hooves/nails.

    Shes going into the HUGE fenced in garden to root to her hearts content (sp) but I need to know the safest way to trim her hooves/nails (without me getting bitten) and if anyone has ever heard of a pbp being reconditioned??? I know horses and cattle and goats and even rabbits can be reconditioned.....theres got to be a way (hey ....while Im at it maybe I can "recondition" some of this pregnancy weight off....but I digress) I can get some of this weight off her. Shes so fat her udder is dragging the ground.

    And I was informed that she will ONLY eat chicken scratch. grin.

    Okay, well thats about it. Any constructive advice would be wonderfully helpful. She kind reminds me of an over weight chihuahua. With that "over stuffed sausage" look.

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    You've got another problem as well. Potbelly pigs are not known for their strong hearts, and if you stress them enough, they can keel over and die. Her being so overweight can only make the problem worse. Also, they do NOT do well with general anaesthetic. However, their being nice and small is an advantage. How overgrown are her hooves? Can she walk? Did she have free access to the last owner's sandy lot? If not, her hooves may wear down while she's busy with the garden.

    If you have to trim her hooves, I would avoid manhandling her, even if you do have a few strong people to help you, because of the stress factor. Instead, I might try to build some kind of narrow chute using 2x4s. And have someone there to help you get her into the chute and to hold it steady once she's there. You can use more 2x4s crossways to isolate her teeth from her feet, so you can trim with impunity.

    Also, I've read you can get pigs drunk and they mellow out. And if you get a loop of rope behind their upper teeth and around their snout, the will spend their energy pulling backward, which allows you to do what you want with them. Just make sure you've got the other end of the rope dallied, and with someone strong hanging onto it. I'm thinking a combination of alcohol and rope might give you enough access to get the job done. I haven't tried either of these things personally, since my pigs' feet wear down. I'll be interested to hear how you solve the problem.

    So what do you mean "reconditioned." Are you talking about making her more tame, or more svelte?

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    A drunk pig is still a pig. Some people are mean drunks, so are some pigs. (any creature that is drugged without it wanting to be drugged, and without knowing that drugs exist will think it is sick and is more likely to freak out) If she can still walk then make a chute between her house and anything else she has to go to like water or feed and line the chute with crushed rock (driveway gravel or a little larger) and let the walking on the rock wear down the hooves.
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    If by reconditioning you mean her attitude. Start with sitting as near as you can safely and talk to her. As she gets more comfortable, move closer and talk a little longer. When you can safely get very close to her, try giving her something like an apple or something special, try different things until you find what she responds best to. Just set it down and talk. She will start to see you are not a threat. Work slowly, remember their may be some set backs. Just start again. The older she is the longer it may take. Good luck!