"PAYPAL"......How does it work.......any current issues......etc.

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    By that logic, every bill payee you have should have its own account. PayPal's no more dangerous than any other company you've got automatic payments set up with. As a buyer, there's no need to have any balance--PayPal will pull from the linked bank account as needed. Unless you sell a lot more than you buy through PayPal, it's easier to just leave the money in your PayPal account than go through the hoops of getting the money moved to your bank account.
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    Accepting a money order from a stranger is foolish, IMHO. Greatest scam is to get a $5000 money order for a $4000 car, with a request that you send $800 money order to the moving company and keep $200 for your trouble. You cash the money order, mail the $800 money order and pocket the extra $200. A week later, the Bank calls and tells you the money order is fake and you owe the bank $5000 and are out the $800.
    Paypal is the established middleman. It doesn't send the seller the money until the buyer has the goods. Yesterday, I bought some batteries on ebay and in about three clicks they were on their way and I got a couple emails detailing the transaction and tracking numbers.
    Without Paypal, sellers have to wait until the check or money order clears, can take a week, before sending the item. I've bought hundreds of things through Paypal without problem. Sold a $1000 saddle on ebay using Paypal, to a person three states away. I wouldn't be able to reach out nationally without Paypal.
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    I have had used PayPal for well over 15 years. They also cover disputes and such, have used them for that successfully. I have a business account (no business now that I am disabled) with the Mastercard as well, and I love that I can transfer funds between my online credit union account and PayPal. huge ease of sending money and receiving money no matter where I am or other folks are.

    the only issue I ever had was when I changed my legal name entirely and had my account frozen because of something between the name change and the Patriot Act. took three months to sort it out, but not one single problem in all these years.
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    x10 on this! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER accept a money order or personal check for selling something over the internet. These payment methods can be easily forged and faked. By the time you realize the payment was phony, its a month later and you have no recourse. The name and address they gave you was probably fake.

    If you want to sell items local, see if there is a Craigslist or a Facebook "classifieds" page for your area. Even with that, the transaction needs to be in person, in a public place (if the item is small enough), and cash only. Again....no checks, no money orders....too easy to fake. Another option is selling on a forum site like this one. Many forum boards have classified areas to buy/sell/trade. But you'll want to get a little established on the forum first so people know you are real and not just a potential scammer invading their community.

    I use Paypal all the time for both buying and selling on Ebay. For transferring money between me and family/friends, there is no fee. If I buy something, there is no fee. If I sell something and accept payment, there is a fee. It may seem high, but securely receiving cash from someone on the opposite side of the continent comes at a cost. My PayPal account is connected to a checking account that I do not use for anything else and I keep a very low balance ($50). If I sell something, I transfer the funds from Paypal to the checking account immediately. If there is ever a dispute, Paypal may freeze my account but at least I have the money. I feel it is good practice to keep your PayPal balance low or at $0. To get the money out of that bank account and into my hands, I just write a check to myself.

    If you are new to selling on Ebay, I recommend starting out by selling smaller, inexpensive stuff first. If the transaction goes well, the buyer and you as the seller have a chance to leave "Feedback" for each other and this is how you start establishing a reputation. Once you have a few sales with positive feedback, you can then move toward your more expensive stuff. As a buyer, I won't bid in an auction where the seller is obviously new and the item is a high dollar item.

    Some people curse PayPal and feel it is the devil with their fees. You don't like the fees, use a different payment service; Google Wallet is another I use occasionally. I've never had a single problem over a good many years with PayPal and I accept the fees as the cost of doing business.

    You mentioned firearm related items. Here is PayPal's stance:


    All that being said, I've bought and sold firearm PARTS and used PayPal without trouble; they can't police every and all transactions but they may catch some. Also, tread carefully here in general. Selling and shipping most firearm parts over state lines shouldn't be a problem. Selling to another guy/gal in Alaska shouldn't be an issue for ammo or a firearm. Shipping ammo or a firearm over state lines may become a problem; I'm not 100% certain on the rules for ammo but a firearm will require a FFL transfer.

    Good luck with liquidating your things! When I'm selling stuff to clear space, I find it therapeutic.
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    Well.......the deal is done. He sent the money, plus the 3% PayPal fee. I got it in about two minutes, immediately transferred the funds out of PayPal, and at the same time locked PayPal out of the account the money was transferred to. Then with-in an hour the two Noveske 6.8 SPC-II barrels at $465.99 each were on their way to Georgia. Thanks to everyone for their help.
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    If you're selling regularly via purchase card transactions, you're probably better off setting up a merchant account to process payments. Paypal charges 2.9% plus $0.30 on domestic payments (either via paypal directly or them processing a credit card). Intl transactions see a 4.4% plus fixed amount which varies per currency.
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    Ain't THAT the truth! I've been dealing with praypal for YEARS and still hate 'em. ebay is just as bad. There are SO many scammers that it's incredible.

    That said, there are plenty of legitimate sellers and buyers.

    Caveat Emptor.
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    I have had Paypal since they began and haven't had a problem.

    I don't do very expensive transactions and it's mostly Ebay.

    My daughter had just found out she was expecting and I told her I wanted to pay for her some maternity clothes and to use my Paypal to buy them. She did some online shopping, paid for the items through Paypal, some problem came up and she and the store agreed to cancel the order and return the money to Paypal.

    I got an email from Paypal confirming the cancellation and saying the money would be replaced within a certain time - 10 days or something like that. That didn't seem right as they had taken the money immediately. It shouldn't take any longer to return it. I called Paypal and presented that truth to them and they agreed I was right, and put my money back in the account immediately.

    A lot of people do seem to have problems, and I believe them. Since my activity has been almost none for the last few years, things may have changed.
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    Shipping loaded ammo isn't a problem as long as it's properly labeled.
    It can go by Fedex or UPS.

    Firearms can be shipped by Fedex or UPS by individuals, and rifles can be shipped USPS to FFL's or manufacturers.
    Handguns can be mailed by FFL holders.

    Pay Pal won't do any transactions involving firearms, and I don't know if they would do ammo.