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Ozark Tom's Big Load Washtub

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Built by Preppers For Preppers

Who lives rural and only has 1 pair of overalls, or 2 shirts that need washing? Nobody! That’s why we built Ozark Tom’s Big Load Washtub for the real world. It washes 4 pairs of overalls, plus a several shirts with room to spare – with no more effort than sweeping your floor.​

100% Stainless Steel, Ruggedly Built, Ergonomically Designed, Quality Fabrication. Built to last a lifetime.

Click on the link below to watch the video. Yes, that's my sweet Bride in the video.


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That sweet woman you married deserves all the spoiling you can give her!
she's just the nicest person ever, you tell her from me, I said so.:happy2:
Yup! I ditto this plus after watching I'm convinced I cannot wait around for you after all, no matter what I thought b/4...back to waiting for DEKE01...and I think there I'm after his spouse then willow girl...
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