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We are debuting charcutterie/cutting boards this month in our Etsy shop!
We have both rustic and non-rustic versions available. One of our boards is pictured below.
Your purchase goes to support our family Ranch.
Ozark Heritage Products on Etsy
Ozark Heritage Products on FB

~Made in the Missouri Ozarks~

These are unique boards made by our family, here on our small ranch in the Ozarks.
It is truly, 'MADE FROM SCRATCH"

We harvested the trees, cut the log on our sawmill, worked the wood down,
and coated it with natural grape seed oil to make this board.
The grape seed oil is natural and eco-friendly allowing this board to be used as a
food grade cutting board, not just for home decor.

Board measures:
12 inches by 18 inches

Brown Rectangle Wood Flooring Floor

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very pretty

I guess you could also use it for a butter board - anyone make those? I've seen them made with cream cheese too.... not sure about them myself but people make 'em look really pretty, all decorated with honey or herbs or who knows what else, shredded nuts, dried fruit....never made one, probably never will :)
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