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    Feb 27, 2005
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    how do i get oxytocin? Can I order it or do i have to get it from a vet? Too many times I havent had it when Iv needed it. My dog had pups and i lost one (almost 2) because i didnt have oxytocin and it was easter weekend so the vets were closed.
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    I've never seen it OTC. I suspect it has to be a vet, or maybe a sympathetic OB nurse. LOL.


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    Oct 2, 2004
    You get it from your veterinarian. You can just ask for like 3 ccs of it and just keep it in the fridge. A grown doe wouldn't get but about 1/2cc to 1 cc if it is necessary. If the placenta has not been passed within 12 hours you can give her a shot and it will start contractions again and she should expell it soon. It will also help with the let down of milk if she is not coming into her milk well. As Bob has said it really should be done within the first 12 hours but could be used later. Some people give a larger dose of oxytocin (the larger the dose the harder the contractions).
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    We have always gotten the Oxytocin from the vet. One bottle lasts us quite a while, but it also keeps for quite a while. I would ask the price first in case old timers has got me, but I think that the bottle cost somewhere between $6 and $15. I checked a couple of the on line supply houses and they didn't have it, so it probably is only available from a vet. I'm not at home and I can't remember the on line company that carries all of the prescription stuff. If you do, that would tell you if you need a prescription.

    As a warning, don't give it to a pregnant doe. It will induce labor. If you ever need to induce labor, I believe that there is a better product for that from your vet. It does things that Oxytocin doesn't.

    We have been giving 2cc of the Oxytocin once shortly after kidding, but we are also raising Boers and the does are around 200 pounds. Also, our herds are range maintained, so we are looking for insurance that all of the after birth is expelled and the positive impact on the milk let down is a bonus. The discussion with our vet wasn't from the milk let down question, so I don't know if that is a higher dosage than needed for just milk let down.

    I hope that this helps some.

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