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Gosh, just when I was trying to deal with the fact that in June I'll be a half a century old, someone comes along and tells me I'm older than dirt!! LOL I got 17 right.


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18 right ..

My family didnt have a tv until the Cuban Missile Crisis and time spent watching was a strictly limited family event ... had to guess on Howdy Doody. I can still get blackjack gum at Vermont Country Store .. as well as products very much of relic/legacy nature

And I AM an old geezer ---older than dirt --- so I suppose its all fair, though i didn't know about the hosiery substitute ...

"coke" machines that were submerged water coolers ..
moxie, saspirilla and nehigh (sp?) grape soda
necco wafers all chocolate
Converse sneakers .. hi tops
jumping to touch the ceiling
Five book limit from the library
holidays on when they occured, not Mondays
that shellac feeling after a haircut
eating thanksgiving dinner at the kids table


Marc (OWHN) in Vermont

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19, I missed the 'taxi' song too. That one must be deep into the 40's. Do you have a date for it?

'High,' or not high, I can't see how you could escape the allure of sniffing that perfumed mimeo ink? You simply HAD to sniff the stuff.

Nash (drop down front seats) and Tucker (central headlight) were innovative too, but the "coming and going" confusion fit the Studebaker alone. I rather liked the Cord (retractable head lamps), myself.

Iceman (carrying 50+lbs blocks on leather covered shoulder), Ice cream man's bell, coal truck (rattling shoots echo down the street), rag man (usually horse drawn), ash truck (100lb barrels of ashes thrown up to partner in the open truck), garbage (only) truck (flies and ordors remained for an hour after its passing).
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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