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Outdoor Screens & Windows~

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Well, it's about that time of year again for cleaning/washing screens and the outsides of windows. I tried scrubbing the screens with a large scrub brush last year, and it really didn't do a very good job. I've seen the outdoor Windex spray that attaches to the hose, and can't help wondering if it works. Has anyone ever tried it and how did it work for you? Otherwise, I need hints and tips on how to get the screens clean. Thanks and have a great day, Maggie
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I've used the outdoor Windex thing. It worked. Wasn't 100% or anything, not as good as scrubbing, but it got most of the winter gunk off. It was certainly convenient.

Friends and family with large windows that sparkle have all told me to use cascade dish washing machine detergent. Never done it, but some day I may actually try it. Their windows are beautiful.
i ususally do the squeegie thing on the top windows but can't on the bottoms cause of the screens so i have to do those by hand...have a windex thing to try ..if i ever get to it
If you have access to a pressure washer, I've found it cleans screens very well. Just stand them up on an angle and systematically move the wand back and forth a couple of times.

I've never thought of using Cascade on the glass (don't have a dishwasher), but I think I'll pick some up this afternoon and give it a try this weekend.
Guess I'm lucky we built our house in what used to be a field, and the only trees nearby are the ones we planted.

To clean my screens, I just spray them off with the hose.

For the windows, vinegar water does the trick.

Glad I don't have pine trees!
WIHH, pines do smell so lovely.

The only thing that has kept dh from planting them close to the house is that they would grow up and block his view of the deer in the field. He likes to keep an eye on 'his' herd no matter if he's in the dining room, the living room, the bed room. . . . ;)
I asked a professional window washer just yesterday what he uses. He said he buys the soap used to wash cars from the auto parts store. He says it can even have wax in it. He mixes a little with water in a rectangle bucket, gently wipes it on, then squeegies it off. He says he has been doing it for 14 years like that. He also recommended mixing some in a spray bottle for smaller spaces.
After I watched him wash a window, he ran his hand across it to show me it didn't leave any smudge marks.
Sorry, but I didn't ask about the screens!
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