our farm Christmas cards this year

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    May 10, 2002
    Since our kids have all been grown and gone for so many years, now we use photos of one or more of our animals on our Christmas cards...

    this year I wanted one of our goats wearing a Santa hat...

    Harley, the oldest buck and the proud papa of Stormie, Little Sally, Maddie and Johnny, (and who is now a weather instead of a real buck because I plan to keep him forever) posed so great wearing a Santa hat that we are going to have a great Christmas card this year!

    He leans his head over the trough where I feed him and Stormie so I put the hat on him and then took close up photos of him wearing the big Santa hat....he mugged for the camera, stuck out his tongue, and was extremely cooperative!

    I've got a couple of shots to chose from but I think we've settled on a head shot that is a side view of him....and the cards will say "Merry Christmas from Old Field Farm...

    Our first card like this featured one of my beautiful white Angoras posing with a Christmas teddy bear...so of you may remember that pose because it is my signature on the BWH web site and used to be under my name here...

    These are fun for me to do!!!
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    Feb 1, 2005
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    Can you post photos? I'd love to see them!

  3. cwgrl23

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    I wanna see too!!!! PLEASE! :baby04:
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    Mar 3, 2005
    you can't tease us like that, you have to show the picture!