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Ordering Over The Internet

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Many spam websites claim that they offer "secure ordering," but is this always true?

At the moment, the principal means of providing security for web transactions is the use of HTTP over SSL (secure socket layer) along with 128-bit "strong" encryption. When your browser is connected to a site protected in this fashion, you will see "https" rather than "http" up in the URL window, and (depending upon the browser) a little "closed padlock" icon (and not an "open padlock") around the periphery of the browser window. If you see these, you can be relatively certain that your credit card numbers (or other sensitive information) will not be transmitted "in the clear" over the internet where others might be able to capture them.
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I have been buying nearly everything via the internet for about five years or so. Usually the only things I buy from a r/t store now are groceries or household things (unless there is a really huge sale that doesn't apply to the website). I am a little leary of smaller websites but have ordered from a few. I think it is all relatively safe. I haven't had any problems so far.
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