Open pollinated field corn

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  1. does any one know of a good source of seed for open pollinated field corn? i want to be able to grow my own seed in the future.

    thank you.
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    That's about like asking for a good source of cars!

    What sort of field corn are you interested in?

    R.H. Shumway has a fair selection of open pollinated corn ( though you may do better just polling your local feed and seed dealers and seeing what they can get for you.


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    May 4, 2002
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    We have used Shumway in the past. They are under new managment now, but still seem to be reasonable. The offer a variety.
  4. A good source for open pollinated seeds is at the following:

    I just got a shipment of sweet corn from them today, but they also have field corn. (Buy in bulk, if it is available for the seed you pick.)

    Not to mention a wide selection of other types of open pollinated seeds. Recommend everyone try "Green Glaze Collards" from them, if you like collards.

    If you order from Shumway's, try the "Bloody Butcher Corn". Its listed as an ornamental, but can be eaten on the cob early, or ground into cornmeal when mature.