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  1. Well I just graduated from HS and I got a couple thousand dollars that I want to buy some land to call my own with. Does anyone know of any good sites that have listings for just a couple acres of undeveloped land? thanks a lot
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    One thing to remember is you have to pay property taxes every year. That can become a drain after a while.
  4. thanks Angie.

    well I'll be in college for the next 4 years and when I get out I'll have a good job. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to manage for 4 years without a substantial income
  5. The eBay landfinder is the best, in my opinion:

    With your budget, concentrate on New Mexico, Arizona Colorado, Utah and Nevada. They have the best prices.

    I have my own theories on what is important to look for, but it is anything that saves money in the long run. Being close to power is important, as is shallow groundwater and water rights laws.

    Find out what you need to know to improve the property the way you want. For example, there may be minimum acreage requirements for installing a septic system or drilling a well. Also, different living quarters (RVs, mobile homes, minimum floor space, etc.) may or may not be allowed due to local zoning regulations. Sellers usually indicate those restrictions in the sale, but be sure to find out if there is any question.
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  7. you are fortunate to already have a job offer for a good paying job. Also make sure you know if any maintenance like mowing is required. Shoping for land is really something that takes a bit of inspection and research do you have the time to comitt to that ? many house or bare land purchases involve as much as several hundred hours of driving looking researching local codes laws building issues taxes insurance fire or flood maps etc. You may also want to consider using the 2 grand as a safety net to get you through the lean years of school since you already have a good job offer, it would be no problem if it cost a tad more when you are done. Based on the population curve we are almost as likely to see declining land values as increasing land values over the next several years.It is easy especially when young to spread yourself a bit too thin better to focus on one task when done go to the next. you may want to make your first land aquisition within commuting distance of the location of that good paying job offer.
  8. A seller can tell you anything may or may not be true verify everything water power acess roads building codes etc.
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    Did you look at "Looking For New Homesteaders" in this forum.. scroll down and read the first post. Got any 'skills'? :):) There is an email addy in her post.
  10. I'm looking for wooded land that's out in the country. when I get out of college and start my career I'm going to buy all the land I can, right now I just want to get started. I'm going to school to become a Mechanical Engineer.

    I did see the Looking For New Homesteaders thread and I must say that I could definitely do that, in fact I would be doing that right now if I hadn't gotten a full scholarship to any college in Louisiana that I wanted to go to. But I think those people are kind of crazy, 4 couples living primitive lives on 10 acres in Texas, I don't think so. I like the mountains and want to go some place where it's a little colder, and I'm more of a loner and don't like to rely on other people.
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  12. I am sure there are plenty of people who would buy or sell a 2 thousand dollar parcel with little thought or concern i am not one. land purchases deserve personal inspections also they deserve some thought as to what the purpose or use will be. What do you plan to use this land for. so far you have stated that you intend to buy as much land as possible. There is certainly nothing wrong with that but a little planning may be in order. Do you intend these parcels all be together, as it is much easier to buy a large parcel than assemble one of several smaller ones. land can be a liability if you are not renting farming logging etc. in many states a trespasser may be eligible for renumeration if they are injured on your property even if it is posted. you will pay taxes on most parcels no matter what. If you have no imediate use for land or a definate plan for future use it may be a cd would be a better investment it would take no time or planning to aquire would require little or no upkeep would not generate the debt of property tax and would give no liability exposure. if your goal is speculationhow much apreciation will you need to pay the tax and beat say a t-bill. what is it about the said parcel that you are estimating to create that increase in value make sure to allow for the fact a lot of taxes tend to go up on a regiular basis
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    South East Iowa has some good real estate deals here in SE Iowa and NE Mo.