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On farm slaughter

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I am wanting to start a sheep farm in south east Mich. I wish to sell live lambs to customers and want to know how I can allow them to religiously slaughter them on my farm and take the carcass home to process. The lambs would be small. Anyone know how this is legally done?
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Most of the sheep and goats in Michigan are sold through the Manchester Livestock Auction. Those that want to butcher their own are already doing that. But you might snoop around Manchester and see if you can generate any interest.

Once you sell livestock in Michigan, how you butcher it is of no interest to the government. Just can't market the meat from any backyard slaughter. Disposal of guts is an issue, but Darling, a rendering facility, can leave you some barrels and then pick it up.
At first, I thought that you were calling the OP a sweet name, then I remembered the truck that used to pull up to my grandpa's butcher shop. Emblazoned across the side of the big green truck were the words DARLING & CO.

Man, did that truck stink, especially in the Summer!
I couldn't think of the second half of the name. But it is Darling Ingredients, based in Melvindale. As a part of my job with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, I inspected a lot of things related to Animal Industry. Rendering is an amazing industry that finds uses for animal byproducts that would otherwise go in the landfill. Few realize that after all the animals guts, head, feet get ground up, cooled and separated, they use a lot in cosmetics. It is the beef tallow that makes lipstick so smooth.
One religious group would do an annual goat slaughter, about a hundred, in an afternoon. They owned a couple acres with a pole barn, where they kept the goats for a week or two, then held the slaughter there. However, their property was half wetlands and was overseen by 6 or 8 homes. The community wasn't happy with the view and I wasn't happy about the mass "graves" of offal. I made arrangements for Darling to supply steel barrels and haul the mess away.
In addition to the processing of animal byproducts, and the hauling away of the on-farm deas cattle, they pick up all the grease and used cooking oils from nearly every fast food and restaurant. Some goes into bio-fuel diesel. I know, TMI.
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