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I have a job interview on 9/4 and this one looks really promising. For one thing, they contacted ME for the job. OK, that generally makes me wary...when I get e-mails and calls about my resume which is posted on job sites it's usually for sales type jobs. No, I do not want to work as a financial advisor, thanks. (Can you IMAGINE ME AS A FINANCIAL ADVISOR!!!! ROFL!!!)

But this is a sort of all-around office-manager slash project manager job at a small design company that does sports-related displays. It would use my writing skills as well as office skills, computer skills, etc. and might result in an upper-management position down the road. Best of all, it's about 15 minutes from my house, the guy said the hours were "flexible" (meaning I might work 10 hours one day, 5 the next, as needed). Might require a small bit of travel, both day and overnights. I can handle that. I think it'd be fun!

Since they contacted ME, it means there aren't already 100 other applicants competing with me. There might be others, but maybe not as many. I was dumbfounded when I was told at my last interview that they'd gotten about 130 applications for the job. Yikes! And from my chats with them thus far it looks really positive in my favor.

Cross your fingers for me. :hobbyhors
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