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The aluminum/alzheimers connection is tenuous at best and probably nothing to worry about. A study in the late 80's found slightly elevated levels of aluminum in the brains of some deceased alzheimers patients. This led to all sorts of speculation that alzheimers is caused by aluminum. But a lot of researchers have been studying the causes of the disease since then and nobody has found any further links between it and aluminum. It's been enough time that we would have heard something.

It is more likely that alzheimers patients' bodies are less efficient at flushing out trace elements, such as aluminum. In other words, it may be that the alzheimers causes the aluminum build up rather than vice versa.

Tin cookware probably cannot hurt you. Health hazards related to tin involve what are known as organic tin compounds. Organic tin compounds are produced industrially for the manufacture of certain plastics, wood preservatives and pesticides. They also occur naturally in very small amounts in the Earth's crust. But those compounds are very unlikely to be present in tin cookware unless you are doing some very odd chemistry in it.

There are only 2 things to worry about with old cookware. Pewter with elevated levels of lead could, in theory, be a problem if you used it constantly. Copper tarnish is also very hazardous and potentially lethal to small children. The actual copper is not dangerous. All you have to do is keep it well-polished. It is the green stuff like you see on an old penny that has been outside for a long time that you have to beware of.

Interestingly, old ceramic 'fiesta-ware' made in the 50's often contains small amounts of uranium in the glaze. That's what gives it the almost supernatural punch to the color. But such small amounts of uranium would not provide enough radiation to actually harm you.
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