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    Apr 14, 2006
    sorry just starting out and know very little....how long after breeding do rabbits kindel? how long after babies are born can they be seperated from mom? can you line breed a rabbit? how old before they can breed? what do you feed weanling rabbits?thanks for your help ahead of time :)
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    No dumb questions, if you don't know, this is a good place to start.

    Rabbits can be bred anywhere from 7 pounds to 3 months old. I prefer waiting until 5 months old, just simply for better body development. They kindle approximately 30 days after being bred. You need to provide a nest box with good filler (straw) in it about 3 days before the expected date of kindling. Babies can be weaned at 4 weeks, but I have heard lately that leaving them longer makes for healthier babies, some say as long as 9 weeks, if you are raising meat rabbits. The baby rabbits will start eating from the dish that mom eats from, so there is no need to differ their diet any. When you wean, take 1 to 2 off of the mother at a time, (each day), until all are weaned. This helps mom adjust to the weaning better by drying up more slowly and keeping her from developing mastitis.

    You can breed a mom to a son and a father to a daughter, but never brother to sister.

    Hope I've answered your questions, but if you have more, jump right in! :)

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    Rabbits' gestational period can be 29-34 days, although the usual pregnancy lasts 30 or 31 days. Most breeders put in the nestbox on day 28 to give Mom plenty of time to build a nest before delivery. I like to put a couple of inches of wood shavings (pine or aspen, not cedar!) in the bottom of the nest for greater absorbency, then fill up the box with straw or hay. When the doe is ready to deliver, she should pluck fur from her underbelly to line the nest and cover her young.

    Once the doe has delivered, you can remove the nestbox (distract Mom with a treat) and check the nest for dead kits or birthing material...it's important to keep the nestbox clean. Eyes open around day 10...some breeders like to replace the nest material on day 9 to help prevent eye infections. As the litter grows, just keep your eyes open for eye/respiratory infections, abscesses, and diarrhea...and yes, you can wean anywhere from 4-9 weeks. Just make sure the litter is weaned and separated by gender before 12 weeks of age...they can reach sexual maturity as early as 3 months!
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    and YES you can breed Brother to Sister, its just a faster way of solidifying the genetic material and culling for the bad, in most lines it will take a while for any REALLY bad to show up, unless its a REALLY bad line to begen with, just Cull heavy and keep ONLY the best, and you will be fine,

    sence rabbits are good eating, culling them is not a problem, there is always SOMEONE to eat your mistakes