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Oh, my heart hurts

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I lost my 13 year old kitty yesterday. He was the youngest of three indoor cats who have been my good friends for so long.

I'm not sure what happened. He'd lost a little bit of weight recently, but I attributed it to growing older. Then yesterday morning, he seemed a little lethargic. Two hours later, I found him limp on the floor, tongue hanging out and drooling, and struggling to breathe. He cried every time we touched him. We got him in the car and sped to the emergency vet, but he was gone before we got there. DH pulled over while I cried:Bawling:

I've been in tears off and on since then. I feel so guilty. I knew he wasn't feeling well yesterday morning, but didn't realize how serious it was. He was loyal and smart, and he didn't deserve the struggle he went through yesterday.

RIP, dear Wags. Everywhere I look, I see your favorite spots, empty.
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Oh Beth I am so SO sorry :( I know exactly how you are feeling about wishing you would have done something sooner. It had to be something that couldn't be avoided since he went from just being a little "off" to lying limp on the floor in such a short time. Sometimes the warning signs are way too subtle to notice until you look back. That's not your's just the way it is with animals sometimes. You took awesome care of Wags and I'm sure he knows it and appreciated the life he had with you. I'm also sure he knows you were there with him, loving him, when he passed. We MUST hang on to the idea that we will be rejoined with our loved ones when we pass...until then we just wait. And feel real crummy and sad for our loss. I feel bad you are in pain...I know this pain well and it just really sucks. Big hugs to you and just do whatever you can to get through it one little step at a time :(
We MUST hang on to the idea that we will be rejoined with our loved ones when we pass...
I know I have to keep remembering this. I just can't help feeling like I just wasn't paying enough attention, you know? Our kitties have been with us for so long that a pat on the head sufficed and then I was off running errands, not realizing he was suffering until we got back. He always knew when I was having a bad day...why in the world did I not see his pain?

I love all of my animals dearly, but the old much of my personal history, such long relationships. That can't be replicated with ease. But then, I guess that's what makes it special...
Im so sorry. (((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
He always knew when I was having a bad day...why in the world did I not see his pain?
Because our animals are blessed with living in the moment...something we strive for but can never master like them. Some of them hide their pain, because they don't want us to feel bad or they are afraid of looking weak. Wags would not want you to be beating yourself up over this or anything else. He will always have a special place in your heart because of the history you have together...nothing can change that.
I am so very sorry for your loss. Loosing a beloved pet is so hard. You are in my prayers.
My heart goes out to you.
Oh, I understand your pain, but remember that hindsight is 20/20.

I know I SHOULD have known that Tippy wasn't feeling well but that old cat was so picky about his food that I didn't pay attention until it was too late.

I know that I should have followed my first instinct with Schnitzel but I thought he was getting reclusive because he was growing up.. The knowledge that he was terminal no matter what we would have done doesn't help. He is still gone.

Be kind to yourself. Someday the memories will be good again.
Thanks for all of your thoughts. It helps, it really does.
{{{{{Hugs Beth}}}}}} Soooo sorry for your loss.
Please, don't go the blame game with yourself, that's wasted time, when you have so many good memories to be cherishing.
I know how hard it is to let go of the blame too, but if every time you start to feel blame, tell yourself stop, then replace it with a good memory. I'm still struggling with blame myself and having to do this. I think it is helping me to do this though, maybe it will you too.

Just so sorry for your loss Beth, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers
I'm so sorry. It hurts to lose someone you love.
Sorry for your loss.Remember the Rainbow Bridge(google Rainbow Bridge).Someday he will be waiting for you.
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