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We no longer live in the NM desert like I did as a kid, and blue quail season I don't think starts at noon on Thanksgiving day anymore anyway.

But mom rose in the wee hours to cook. We ate no later than 11 a.m., tossed the leftovers in the old Servel gas fridge and left the dishes until night. We had to be out there in place at 12 noon for quail season.

Gotta set some serious priorities, lol.

What has been your odd custom?

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when I was a kid we stacked fire wood near the house with 7-8 hauler/stackers you can put up a winters worth of wood quick.

then before we ate everyone (all the 5 sons and a son in law and me the oldest grandson) picked up the ice fishing house and walked it over and set it on the 2 hauler snowmobile trailer it was 8foot by 8 foot.
then we took the snowmobiles down from the rack in the garage , pulled the foil off the exhaust put gas in them and fired them up ran them a bit my uncle Chuck and uncle Billy looked them over for any work they needed drove them over and parked them on the back patio with the track lifted.

always old-style on the back porch for everyone

at Easter we put the sleds back in the rack in the garage summer-izing them

I like to eat but I feel there needs to be a work component with all that food makes you feel better.

my mom is sick ,flu, so we didn't go there for thanksgiving yesterday we are getting together next weekend we ate at home.

I spent a couple hours splitting and stacking yesterday till dark then we ate
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