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Nurse goats?

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Hi all :) I'm thinking of buying 10-20 doe kids from a local goat dairy with the idea that they could supply milk for my orphan and dairy lambs. I got this idea after seeing a goat nursing 2 lambs, but even if they won't nurse the lambs I can milk them and feed it to the lambs. I know that quite a few people keep cows for this purpose but I'm not 100% confident with large animals so it seems like the perfect solution. Will I need an electric fence? One or two hot wires? I'm thinking of getting Nubian x Saanens, but they could be any breed, is there any preference? I'd also likely keep a buck, what breed would be best over the Snubians? I have access to British Alpines, Nubians, Toggenburgs and Saanens. Of coarse feel free to tell me that I'm completely mad, I need to know if it's a good idea or not, so I can start pushing to buy the kids!
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Electric will hold goats, I just reccomend several lines of electric, at least while first introducing them to the fence. They need to be introduced to the fencing properly.

10-20 dairy does will supply you with quite a bit of milk. Also, that many goats would take up more room than one or two cows, and would probably produce about the same amount of milk as a pair of cows. I'd rather have goats any day, though. :)
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