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I breed them the same size no matter the breed of buck they are being bred to. They need to be 75-85 lbs before I breed them and have a big enough frame.
The individual buck matters more than the breed when it comes to size of the kid. Some bucks throw big kids, some don't. In all breeds. My Boer herdsire throws an *average* of 7-10 lb. kids(same size as my average Nubian kid). Thats the size I like. They get up fast and go. I don't like the kids huge at birth.
Out of all my kids last year, the Saanens were the biggest by far, with several 12-13 pounders and one set of 13 lb triplets!
So just don't breed to a buck who is known for throwing large kids. The size of the buck does not indicate what birthweights his kids will average at.
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