'nother way to get those pantry moths

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    Jul 8, 2002
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    I was in Lowes the other day and they had an "organic" device to get rid of those pesky moths that hang out in the pantry and get in all our meal & cereal and such. So, I opened the box to get a look at it because it was nearly $7.
    To my suprise (or maybe not to suprised) al it was, was a piece of card stock paper folded in half with a strip of fly paper inside. Now, I have to give them credit you did get two of them for $7.
    So, I went home cut a piece of fly tape about 3" long, you know like you hang up for flies, and thumb tacked it in the pantry. By the next morning I already had three of those little pests stuck to it and it is still working strong.
    Just thought I'd let ya know.

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    Aug 25, 2006
    Thanks so much!!!

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    May 10, 2002
    M~i~ss~i~ss~i~pp~i !
    mr. gary ,
    those little sticky tents are supposed to come with a phermone lure. the plain fly tape works wonderfull if you catch a girl or two the boys flock to it like mad!
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    Dec 9, 2003
    Pepper is correct about the pheremone being an effective component of the moth traps. Still the distribution is also a factor. I have used them more as a method to detect the moths, not a tool that gets rid of them all. One recent discovery is that the moths like to land on a surface outside of the trap, so having a flat piece of cardboard under the trap increases the captures. If you do catch moths in the traps it is important to inspect the products in the cabinet. The larval stage of the moth will grow to an adult before it gets to the trap. As a result, many boxed products can harbor the early life stages of the bug and the traps won't have an effect on that stage. If you find the products with the larvae inside, the freezer can kill them as long as it is cold enough and the product stays inside the freezer for long enough. The actual temperature and the time in the freezer are dictated by the specific insect you are catching. Gentrol is a growth regulator that does help get rid of the problem which the lures detect. I used it a lot, but always bought it from a pest control supplier. I don't remember ever seeing it in a local store. I do think it is sold through some of the internet suppliers to people who are not professional pest controllers. While the product is extremely low in toxicity, it is not the best idea to put it in the cabinet with open products. It is better to discard the infected products. Good luck.
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