Not By The Book But Common Practice

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by big rockpile, Apr 19, 2005.

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    Feb 24, 2003
    I've seen so much stuff asked on here and so many give an absolute NO! Even though many parts of the country its common practice.What got me thinking on this was the post "Livestock and stream question" .Even though it does as what you guys say,it still takes twice as much fence,nobody I know around here trys to keep stock out of streams.

    Something was said about getting rocks out of Creek,and it was brought up not to mix Concrete using Creek Gravel,once again lots of people around here do it with no problem.

    Anything said about using rough cut green Lumber,mainly Oak.Once again around here it is common practice.

    Around here lots of people set a hot fire to burn their woods to kill the trees,so they have pasture for their Cattle.Long as it is a controled fire I have no problem with it because that is the way it has been done for years.

    All I'm saying some parts of the country some people don't do everything by the Book,making do with what they have.Maybe before giving a No why not just point out give bad and good points,now I know you could find some good points :haha:

    big rockpile
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    big rockpile- way the heck out here in the middle of no where montana we dont even own the book! LOL we use green fir to make our rafters which are true 2x12's. we use rock from anyplace we can find it to build with and have no problem mixing it into concrete, though we do wet it first. we let our stock drink out of creeks and if needed we boil the water from that same creek and drink it ourselves during very dry years or when camping. This world of our has created a rule book that is a self feeding growing entitity and it will continue to grow and have more and more rules until we find our selves ruled out altogether!

  3. But if you don't get concerned about it now, tomorrow will be too late! Tomorrow you will walk down to your favorite trout stream and wonder why fish don't live there anymore. Tomorrow you may have to pay high gas prices just for a gallon of drinking water. Tomorrow you will tell your grandkids about the vast forrest that once stood. Wouldn't you like for your future generation to have and enjoy what you have today?
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    Well, I'd love to throw the book away (or at some government official), but the honest truth is that if it's a law, it's a law, and it needs to be followed. Often times the law is put into effect after some stupid folks decide to misuse or abuse something, which makes everyone else suffer.

    I must admit it is irritating when homeowners can't do anything to improve the area or keep their homes/buildings safe. A for instance is that I live in the watershed, and the rain has fallen so hard that the creek has completely gone off course, flooding what is normally dry. Removing debris from the creek is illegal, because it's not natural...but it also doesn't hurt any more than the blasted thing running off course, and it keeps the neighbor's home dry.

    So yes, I see your point...but then what do I do about the kid who builds a fish ladder because he learned about them in school, or the fellow who decides to drain his excess water into the same creek causing it to flood into someone else's yard? If someone's going to throw away the book, I hope they use common sense and think it through first, considering how it will effect the whole, and not just themselves.