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    Need help with a Norfolk Pine tree dropping it's bottoms branches.
    This tree is not pot bound and is watered regularly and bascily healthy looking other than the bottom branches are drying up and fall off. There are no spider mites I can see and upper branches are green and glossy. What could be causing these branhes to fall off. Any ideas?

  2. Not sure if this helps. I had the same problem but it stopped when I moved the plant away from a room that has hot dry air. I keep it cool in winter, not over 70, I mist it often, it gets just 2-3 hours of sun in winter, I water it at least twice a week or enough to keep the soil evenly moist . I had quite a few sets of branches fall off, hasn't happened in over a year so I am hoping I solved its problem. I know that one good drying out can cause the plant to drop branches for quite a period of time. I have a friend that also has one and has used it as a xmas tree for over 20 years, it also drops branches but its in a room with hot dry air also. Indirect light in summer is also best. Good Luck.

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    Jun 20, 2003

    Daughter gave me one of those in a 4 inch pot when she was in middle school. She is now 38 years old. Tree sat first on a filing cabinet in my office, then on the floor, and now in my son's Great Room where it is touching the ceiling.

    I lost branches on that tree whenever it got dry. It cannot stand hot dry air even if it is in a fair pot because the pot just does not have enough root structure in it to support the tree in dry air. About 7 feet of the trunk of this old tree is now bare but it still puts out new and glossy shoots on top. Poor thing is having to bend to live.
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    Thank you Ox
    I did notice it was close to the vent that our woodburner blower is hooked up to and that air does get warm. I have moved it out of the air flow and am keeping an eye on it. I sure hope that will help, Thank you.
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    Thank you guest.
    I had one that died on me that we used for an Xmas tree for a few years and I am hoping to save this one. I moved it to a cooler spot and out of direct air flow from the woodburner blower. I will keep it on a more regular watering schedule too. I have also started misting it so I think we are on the right track.