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>(Of course the MEAN way to see if a breeding TOOK is to put doe in w/buck after about 2 weeks.. she'll run like she's being 'assaulted') Better to learn to palpate!<

"Test breeding" like that is not recommended! Even a pregnant doe will still breed and this opens the door to a potential double litter with the second litter to be born 2 weeks after the first! Does it happen? Absolutely! I accidentally bred a pregnant doe two weeks after the initial breeding. She did not run away from the buck, but willingly bred. She delivered two litters spaced two weeks apart... right on time for each breeding. Since this was an isolated accidental incident, I can only imagine how often it would happen if I made a practice of "test breeding!" Palpating is the *ONLY* sure way of determining pregnancy.

Pat Lamar
Professional Rabbit Meat Association
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